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EURL ECVAM Search Guide

This document has specifically been developed to support untrained database users in finding high quality information on relevant alternative strategies and methods to animal experiments from the wide range of sources available on the web. The guide provides examples of search procedures, suggested search terms and user guidance. It includes descriptions of relevant resources and thesauri. A check list is moreover offered (the seven golden steps) to allow for searches in a structured and systematic way and to document them – a fundamental step in preparing a research project in biomedical sciences and toxicology.

Target users are scientists, national authorities involved in animal protection and ethical committees verifying that all possible alternatives have been considered before conducting animal experiments

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What You Can Do To Stop Animal Testing – PCRM

When it comes to improving the safety of household products and cosmetics, it’s not all up to the industry and regulators. There are several ways you can take part in the effort to end animal testing and encourage the transition to more effective, reliable alternatives.

View this guide to learn more!

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