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DB-ALM ~ Joint Research Centre

EURL ECVAM DataBase service on ALternative Methods to animal experimentation (DB-ALM)

The DB-ALM is a public, factual database service that provides evaluated information on development and applications of advanced and alternative methods to animal experimentation in biomedical sciences and toxicology, both in research and for regulatory purposes.

Starting from 2015, all new method summaries are provided in a format compliant with the new OECD Guidance. Read More

The service is operated by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, based on a legal requirement.

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Search Norecopa is an intelligent search engine for Norecopa’s four databases:

  • 3R Guide : Information on databases, guidelines, information centres, email lists and journals of relevance to laboratory animal science and the 3Rs
  • NORINA: Information on over 3,500 alternatives or supplements to animal use in education and training
  • TextBase: Information on over 1,600 textbooks within laboratory animal science and related subjects
  • Classic AVs : A subset of NORINA containing products using older technology
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